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Mark Harris has been in property development for over 25 years. The company Vanquish Iconic was created around 2009. Mark designs off the hip and on the spot inspired by styles, trends and fashion around at the time. Our developments, whether you choose to buy or rent from us, will be truly iconic. Our unique designs are bespoke to each development to give you a truly authentic and one of a kind design. As times and trends change we change with them… or ahead of them! We work with the ever evolving design trends to produce developments that are modern, on-brand and unique.

MH Holdings Corporation was born out of the pure determination of Mark Harris’s son Max Harris who took a keen interest in learning the intricacies of the development industry from a young age. Max Harris has now become a key shareholder at the young age of 23 and continues to show his love for property development through his hands on approach.

MH Holdings Corporation owns and manages all of the properties from our HQ in Borough Market and is now ready for the next phase of growth. After recently purchasing sites in W1 Marylebone and Mayfair we are looking forward to the future growth of the company. With our ever-evolving strategy and adaptability to the global market we are able to stay ahead of the game.